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Dominion Gallery, Canada’s oldest and most prestigious private art establishment, was directed for some 50 years by the late Dr. Max Stern who introduced Canadian collectors and institutions to a great deal of important international art. The gallery was purchased by Canadian art dealer

Robert Landau in 2001 and reopened its doors in October 2005. This Victorian landmark provides a stunning showcase for modern masters as well as an exciting ensemble of contemporary international artists including Yves Zurstrassen, Christoph Kiefhaber, Xander Spronken, Manuel Cancel, Chun Kwang-Young and Tony Scherman. Landau Contemporary is also the exclusive North American dealer for the Austrian master, architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This contemporary collection at the Dominion Gallery has been called “the most spectacular commercial gallery not only in Montreal but likely in all of Canada.”

“Landau Fine Art was already well established as one of the world’s leading galleries specializing in early 20th century international art,” explains Landau. “Dominion represented a unique opportunity to offer the works of living artists under the umbrella of their more famous 20th century predecessors.”

Thus the partnership between Landau Contemporary at Galerie Dominion and Landau Fine Art guarantees a wealth of choice for Canadian collectors and art lovers to experience, in an extensive exhibition space exceeding 20,000 square feet on Sherbrooke Street West.

1458 and 1456 Sherbrooke Street West, #200
Montréal, Québec
H3G 1K4

514 849-3311!dominion-artists/c1713

Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED


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